Scroll Saw Station

   I recently converted an old dresser to a work station for my scroll saw and my belt & disc sander.  Each of these tools was previously just sitting on a table in my workshop.  The table was too low to work at comfortably and its size made it awkward to work around.  It also took up a lot of space.  Converting this old dresser solved these problems and even gave me some more storage space.

   I found this dresser at a Salvation Army Thrift Store for $30.  It was very solidly built and was still in very good condition.  It measures 36" wide by 33" tall by 22" deep.  It has three deep drawers that are on rollers and still slide very smoothly.

   I started by adding wheels to the bottom (2 fixed and 2 lockable swivels) so that I can roll the whole thing around the shop more easily.  Then I added another top to the dresser.  The new top is made of 3/4" thick melamine and measures 24" by 40".  The top is flush with the right side of the dresser but overhangs by 4" on the left side.  This is so that I can sit closer to the work station while working at the scroll saw.  Then I mounted both tools to the new work surface.

   I added a homemade light bracket to the rear of the cabinet and attached a spotlight to better illuminate the cutting surface of the scroll saw.  The spotlight and both the power tools are plugged in to a power strip that I mounted to the rear of the cabinet.  Finally, I added some black metal handles to the three drawers.  I will probably subdivide the drawers someday once I figure out exactly what I will store in them.

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