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Who is WoodCop??

A children's toybox. A triangular jewelry box. A jewelry box, nicknamed a 'wave box'. A jewelry box that has several stackable trays. A candle holder with a mirrored backing and an interesting front design. A jewelry box with a rose design burned into the top. A Leo zodiac sign made with stained glass paints. A rose made with stained glass paints. A training wall for a bomb detection K-9. A wall unit of three bookcases. A bookcase for my office. A fake bookcase concealing six shelves for CD storage. A set of drawer dividers to help organize CDs and videos. A wooden Aztec Calendar with moving gears. A set of wooden gears and a chain drive made from wood, beads and wire. A headboard handpainted with Chinese characters. A custom edge for a drafting table. A storage rack for holding fishing rods. A game table with many opening pieces. A set of cabinets for garage storage. A jewelry or keepsake box with a carving of a Japanese character. Two sets of shelves for office cubicles. A 'lazy susan' made to hold spices in the kitchen. A measuring board to track a child's height over time. A puzzle made from the photo of a child. A Cookie Monster toy for a child. A storage rack for SCUBA gear for the back of an SUV. A set of doors made to turn a bookcase into a kitchen spice cabinet. A holder for my grandmother's favorite walking stick. A small bathroom table. A storage unit made for the bathroom. A rotating shelf for playing board games. A belt storage rack for the closet. A collection of wood carvings made by my grandfather.
Shop & Jigs
A branding iron purchased to brand all my work. A cabinet made to hold my drill press and related accessories. A cabinet made to hold my planer and related accessories. A rack made to hold all my clamps. A workstation for my scroll saw and belt/disc sander. A storage bin for nails, screws, bolts, etc. A pair of doors for my router table. A backdrop used for photographing workpieces. A collection of circle-cutting jigs used with bandsaws. A router jig used to cut circles. A circular saw jig used to cut a straight edge. A drill press jig used to hold cylindrical objects while drilling. A router jig uised to cut dadoes, rabbets and grooves. A router jig used to trim debris even with the work surface. An overly elaborate jig used to make checkers for a checker board.

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