Parts Bin Cabinet

   My corner work bench surface was getting crowded with the three parts bins that I stored there.  These bins are plastic organizers that have multiple compartments to hold things like nails, nuts, bolts, screws and washers.

   I got this idea from something I saw in a magazine.  It is just a wooden box with three sliding panels that pull out toward you.  Attached to each panel is one of my parts bins.  The entire cabinet is 21.5" deep by 25.5" wide by 22" tall (plus about 2" for the wheels).  I store it under my workbench for easy access and to keep it out of the way.  This has freed up a lot of usable workspace on my workbench and was an easy project to build.  The panels just slide in dadoes so there is no hardware to install.  Full-extension drawer slides would definitely make the panels slide out more easily, but to save the $15 per pair I decided that I could just deal with the extra effort required.


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