Router Cabinet Doors

   My router table had a shelf beneath it with an open front.  I use this space to store all my router bits and some other tools and jigs I use with the router.  But I quickly got tired of cleaning sawdust out of there.  So, I took some extra pieces of plywood and made some doors for that part of the cabinet.

   The doors are held in the closed position with some magnets that are recessed into the doors.  The magnets line up with magnets set into a strip along the inside top of the cabinet.  I also made some personalized door handles with some scrap plywood.  I used the bandsaw to cut them into my initials.  I stained the door handles with a Red Oak stain to make them stand out.

   The doors look pretty homemade but the important thing is that they do a good job of keeping sawdust off of all my router bits.

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