Photo Backdrop

   Many of the photos of my projects have been taken in my living room.  I used to just drape a king-sized white bed sheet over some chairs to try and produce a photo studio kind of backdrop.  This was a little awkward and it was always difficult to keep the sheet straight and keep it from slipping off of the chairs.  I needed something better.

   So, I made some stands that could support a long dowel that I could hang the sheet from.  All of the stands were made with some ¾” melamine that was leftover from another project.  The long dowel is actually two shorter dowels (5’ long by 1&¼”) that connect in the middle.  The dowels easily slide through the already-hemmed edge of the bed sheet.  I did have to cut out a small section of that hem halfway up the edge, so that the center (where the two dowels meet) was exposed.

   It only takes a couple of minutes to set it up or take it down.  And when it’s time to put it away it takes up very little space.

   Since I made this, I have actually furnished my living room with real furniture (and done away with the spartan bachelor look).  I still use this photo backdrop, but now I use it in the garage or driveway instead of the living room.

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