Stained Glass Rose

   I had recently used some pieces of walnut as trim in another project (toy box) and I loved the look of it.  So, with some of the scraps that I had left over, I decided to make a holder for this piece of stained glass that I had also just finished.

   The walnut base measures 4" x 7" x " and I routed the edges to give it a little style.  The uprights measure 2" x 8" x " are held in place by two countersunk screws coming up through the bottom of the base.  The dadoes in the uprights were cut with a standard table saw blade and the glass slides into them perfectly.

   The glass measures 6" x 8" and was part of a leftover piece of 8" x 10" glass from an old picture frame.  The thickness is just over 1/16" (closer to 3/32").  I cleaned up the glass and cut it to size.  Then I painted the rose on the glass using stained glass paints.  I baked the glass for about 45 minutes to adhere the paint to the glass permanently.

   The black lines in the rose design are painted on one side of the glass (the side that I consider the front...) and the red and green are painted on the other side.  On glass this thin, painting on both sides helps give the image a more three-dimensional look.

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