Child's Measuring Board

   I made these "measuring sticks" after I saw a similar idea in a woodworking book.  These first two are for Giacomo and Gia, the son and daughter of some good friends of mine.  Now they can track their children's growth and permanently show the progress on this board.  I hope it becomes something that they treasure and keep for a long time.

   The woodworking for this project was pretty limited.  The wood is 5/8" thick poplar, measuring 5" wide x 5'6" tall.  I cut the tops using a plywood pattern and a flush-cutting router bit.  Then I rounded over the front edge of the board with a 3/8" roundover bit.

   The real work in this project is the painting.  Just putting the inch mark lines on one of the boards took about an hour.  The markings range from 18" to 5'.  The numbers and letters were done, in pencil first of course, with two different sized stencils.  Marking and painting the numbers and letters took another hour.  I used a variety of colors to paint with to give it a more interesting look.  The stickers I added just spice it up a little bit.  Of course, the possibilities there are endless.  The boards are finished with two coats of decoupage to protect the stickers and paint, and to give it a softer feel.

   I also attach a black marker to each board.  I wrap a small piece of velcro (the soft side) around the middle of a black fine-tipped marker.  Then I put a small piece (approx 1" by 1/2") of the clingy part of the velcro along the edge of the board near the top.  This way, the parents always have a marker handy to keep track of their child's measurements.

   I think I'll have to make some more of these.  They will be nice to give as birthday or Christmas presents for friends of mine that have children.

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