Lazy Susan

      This was kind of a quick project, but it served two useful purposes.  First, it gave me a Lazy Susan to store all my cooking spices on next to my stove.  Second, it gave me some experience using the Lazy Susan hardware.  I have several other projects planned, including some children's toys, where I’ll be using that type of hardware, so this project was good practice.



      This is basically just two circles (top circle 10” in diameter and bottom circle 8.5” in diameter) held together with the “revolving” hardware.  Both circles were made from 5/8” poplar and were cut into circles using my circle-cutting jig and my band saw.  I used my router table to profile the edges of the circles.  The top circle has a Roman ogee profile on the top, and a rounded-over edge on the bottom.  The bottom circle just has a rounded- over edge along both faces.

      The piece was finished (before assembly, of course) using a spray-on, Red Oak stain.  Then, after a light sanding, I added one coat of a clear polyurethane protective finish.

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