Game Table

      This is a beautiful antique game table that my grandmother gave me.  It has amazingly intricate inlaid patterns, and it folds open in several steps to reveal a card table surface, chess and checker board, and backgammon board.

      I want to build a new version of this table.  I'd like to use this table as a model and build a new version with the same dimensions.  I plan to change the finish so that more of the wood grain is visible instead of having only the ornate design showing through.  (Besides, that intricate inlay work is a little above my skill level.)

      I'll keep the chess board and the backgammon board although I may slightly change how they look.  I also may change the card table surface (which is currently a green felt-like material) to some other type of game board.  Perhaps a hand-painted Monopoly board?  Stay tuned...

      Shorly after receiving this table, I learned that the technique used to create the extraordinary inlays in this project is called Intarsia.  This is a mosaic technique that uses tiny pieces of fine woods (such as walnut, olive, apricot, lemon and rosewood) and mother of pearl to create an elaborate design.  Apparently, many of the finer and most reknowned artisans of this technique are from Syria.

      Since adding this page to my website a few years ago, I have heard from two individuals who each have similar game tables: Adam, in Long Island, New York, and James, in South Africa.  James also informed me of a website [also listed below] of a company that sells brand new versions of these tables.

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