Cookie Monster

   My friend's son, Giacomo, recently saw a sticker of Cookie Monster on another project I had finished for them.  According to my friend, every time Giacomo saw it, he started singing, "Cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie…" and dancing around in circles.  So, I decided to make him a larger version of the Cookie Monster.

   I took another Cookie Monster sticker to the grocery store and enlarged it to an 8" x 10" photo using one of those photo-customizing machines.  The original sticker was about an inch tall; the one I ended up with for this project is seven inches tall.  I cut out the Cookie Monster character and glued it to one of the many pieces of leftover poplar that I have lying around the shop.  The wood is 5/8" thick and measures 5¾" x 9½".

   I penciled a curved line around the character to soften the appearance and make it look a little more child-friendly.  Then I cut that line at the bandsaw.  Except for the bottom inch of each side, I rounded over the edges using a ¼" roundover bit in my router table.  That also gives it a "softer", more child-friendly feel.

   For the base I used another scrap of wood that was actually cut from the end of the first piece.  The base measures 5¾" x 4" x 5/8".  I rounded over the top edges of the base using the same router bit.  Then I cut a dado through the middle of the base to set the character piece in.

   The two pieces were joined using glue in the dado and some 1¼" brads through the bottom of the base.  The whole project was finished with a thick coat of decoupage.

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