CD Dividers

   A friend of mine has a large entertainment center that has two large drawers at the bottom.  He was using these two drawers to store CD's and videotapes but he wanted some way to better organize them.  He asked if I could make something to help with this.

   I made some inserts that he could fit into the drawers.  These inserts had matching slots in the front and back panels so that small dividers could be used to create several smaller areas within the drawers.  The inserts are made of birch plywood that is edged with " poplar along the top to conceal the end grain of the plywood.  The moveable dividers are also " poplar standing on edge.

   I cut slots, at one-inch intervals, into the front and back pieces of the inserts with a 5/16" dado stack on my table saw.  I left the front and back pieces together as one piece of wood while cutting the dadoes, and then ripped the wood down the middle.  That way, I could be sure the slots lined up perfectly with each other.

   The overall outer dimensions are 18" x 36".  The inner width is 36", which gives my friend 6 areas of approximately 6" each to use for his CD's.  The videotape drawer is configured a little differently.  The inserts and dividers are finished with one coat of Red Oak stain to match the dark color of the entertainment center.

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