Cane Rack

   My grandmother passed away in April, 2002, shortly after her ninety-first birthday.  One of the things that I have of hers that holds many memories is the walking stick she used for the last several years of her life.  It’s just an old, twisted, rough-looking stick that she found in the desert outside of Phoenix, Arizona.  But she put a little rubber end-cap on one end and she proclaimed it her walking stick.

   I decided to make some sort of holder for it and put it up as a sort of display and tribute.  It’s just a ¾” piece of poplar, cut to 6” x 41”.  There are two ¾” dowels set into the wood that hold the cane.  The ends of the dowels are notched about an inch in from the outer end.  The cane rests in the notches so it can’t roll off the end.

   My grandmother’s cane is now hanging over the door leading from my workshop into my house.

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