Candle Box

   I made this project simply because I was interested in using the combination of candles and mirrors.  The box is made of maple and it measures 13" x 5" 13".  There are three holes in the center of the base that each hold a small glass candle holder.  At the back of the box, a 12" x 12" mirror tile slides into position in two dadoes.

   The front of the box is made from a " thick piece of poplar measuring 11" x 12".  This piece slides into position in two more dadoes.  I cut the "sunburst" pattern (as I call it) using a scroll saw.

   When the candles are all lit, this box creates a very unique image.  You can see the light coming through the sunburst pattern, and you can also see the reflection of the back of the sunburst pattern in the mirror.  It doesn't provide a lot of light but it creates an interesting effect and it's definitely a conversation piece.

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