Bathroom Table

   The wife of a good friend of mine asked if I could help her put together a small table for their bathroom.  She said that it didn't need to "look nice" because it was going to be covered with a tablecloth anyway.  She just needed it to be functional.  I thought to myself, "Build something that doesn't look nice?  Yeah, I think I can do that."

   So, she came over with some scrap wood that she wanted to use for the project.  She had a round piece of ¾" plywood about 12" in diameter, and another scrap of pine that was about 4" x 36" x ¾".

   We cut the long pine scrap into three legs each about ¾" x ¾" x 30".  Then I took a couple of plywood scraps that I had lying around (they seem to be everywhere…) and made two rectangles exactly the same size (approx 6" x 8" x ¾").  I used these as a sub-base for the top and as a lower shelf.  I attached the legs to both the rectangles using glue and brads (via my handy pneumatic nail gun).  The lower shelf sits about a quarter of the way up the table legs, or about 8" off the floor.  The table wasn't stained or painted since it was going to covered with a tablecloth.

   The project took about an hour and my friend helped with much of the construction.  I think I may have gotten her interested in woodworking and power tools.  The result was a functional little table that my friends use to help decorate their master bathroom.

   Note: This project was a good reminder to me that I often tend to over-design things.  I kept asking my friend if she wanted me to add some features to the table (like routing the edges or staining it once we finished).  She was happy with it the way it was.  Sometimes I spend so much time designing something that I delay in the construction of what really just needs to be a functional item.  I'll have to work on that: accepting the fact that sometimes you just need to build something and the result doesn't have to be something you can "oooh and aaah" over.

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