Bathroom Cabinets

   The master bathroom in my house has a narrow closet-type room for the toilet area.  I wanted to clean up the room's look a little bit, and give myself a place to store a few things out of sight (like the toilet brush and plunger).

   I built two small cabinets out of 1/2" plywood that fit snugly between the toilet and the walls.  The left cabinet has a door with a magnetic catch to keep it securely closed.  Inside, it is just one tall open space -- great for the plunger and toilet cleaning brush.  The cabinet on the right is open and has three small shelves for storing smaller items like extra rolls of toilet paper.

   The two cabinets are joined by a shelf across the top.  The shelf is 1/2" melamine and extends out approximately an inch and a half beyond the front face of the cabinets.  I painted both cabinets with two coats of gloss white paint.  Everything is now more neatly stored and the little room looks a lot nicer.

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