Who is WoodCop?

      For years, I have been interested in designing and building things out of wood.  However, it has only been since September of 2000 that I have been able to devote a significant amount of time and energy to this craft.  Now, I consider woodworking more of an active hobby as opposed to merely a passing interest.  The nickname "WoodCop" was just something that my brother, Chris, came up with one day.  We were just goofing around, but I started signing my emails to him using this new nickname and it just stuck.

      Over the years I have occasionally designed and built projects in wood.  None of these were very complicated or elaborate and they were few and far between.  One project that I built, for example, was a headboard for my bed while I was in college.  The headboard was for a full size bed and was made of pine.  It was approximately 10 inches deep and had numerous shelves and cubby holes built into it.  It was finished with a dark stain.  The headboard design was fairly simple.  Anyone looking at it would know immediately that it was homemade.  Nonetheless, it served me well for several years.

      I thoroughly enjoyed the process of designing and building the headboard.  With each project, my interest in the art of woodworking grew a little more.  I only hoped that someday I would have enough time to pursue it more aggressively.

      In September of 2000, I arrived at a different place in my life.  Around that time, my schedule, my residence and my financial situation all changed considerably.  I was then capable of investing more time (and money) in woodworking on a regular basis.  A big part of this change involved my new residence.  In September of 2000, for the first time in my life, I bought my own home.  Or, as I sometimes refer to it: a luxuriously large garage with conveniently attached living quarters.

      Long before I actually moved into this house, I had already mentally reserved a substantial section of this garage as a woodworking shop.  As soon as I moved in, I began setting up my workshop.  I have, of course, rearranged it several times since then.  It is in this new-found sanctuary that I spend many hours each week working on projects and trying to improve my woodworking skills.  Check out the Virtual Tour of my workshop to see what has become of my garage.

      So, this section of my website explores my interest in woodworking.  It relates primarily to projects that I have built or am planning to build.  I hope you enjoy the attached descriptions and photographs of some of them.  I am still learning the craft and honing my skills but I love the practice.  Someday I hope to turn this hobby into a side business or second career.

      If you would like to comment on these projects or discuss projects of your own, please feel free to Email me.  Thanks for visiting!

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