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       This site shows the amazing work of David C. Roy.  He refers to his work as "kinetic sculpture".  His sculptures are a beautiful combination of woodworking, engineering and art.  During the summer of 2003, I viewed some of his work first-hand at an art gallery in Cambria, CA.  This website has definitely inspired me to attempt more woodworking projects that involve moving pieces or motion of some sort.

       This is the site of a woodworker named Vin.  I found his website one night and was impressed with both his craftsmanship and his website and we have e-mailed back and forth a few times since then.  His site displays lots of interesting projects, especially the many things he has built for his grandchildren.  His page about the Marble Machine is particularly interesting and I enjoyed the fact that he used photos and text to show much of the step-by-step construction process in addition to the finished product itself.  The site also has a tour of his workshop in the basement of his home in rural Massachusetts.

       This is the website of woodworker Lon Schleining.  Lon is a professional woodworker in southern California who specializes in custom staircases.  He is also one of the contributing editors for Fine Woodworking Magazine and an instructor/lecturer at woodworking shows and seminars around the country.  I recently attended one of his classes and I learned a lot.  He recently published a book called "Treasure Chests" (no, it is not the inside story of the making of "Baywatch"...) which is very interesting.  He was nice enough to sign my copy and I have enjoyed the book very much.

       This is the website of Jim Arnold.  Jim makes amazing wooden scale models of trucks, aircraft, ships and other construction and logging equipment.

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