Patch Collection  

      Throughout my career I have, like many in law enforcement, collected patches from many of the various organizations that I have worked with over the years.  My current collection is displayed in this section of my website.

      Some people I know have collected patches from any and every agency they could, even if they really had not had any dealings with that agency.  While their collections are extensive and interesting, I have taken a different approach.  I have only gathered patches from agencies that I have either worked for, worked with, or from which I have known someone.  When I look at the patches I have accumulated over the years, they each remind me of something I have done, someplace I have been or someone I have known or met.  That, more than any other reason, is why this collection is important to me.

      I have divided the patches into a few major categories.  The links below will take you to the full page for each category.  I hope you find the collection interesting.
This icon leads to Bureau of ATF patches.
This icon leads to Federal law enforcement patches.
This icon leads to state law enforcement patches.
This icon leads to local law enforcement patches.
This icon leads to military patches.
This icon leads to other patches.
      I recently added this page of ALL THE PATCHES which shows every patch from the six sections above.  The sizing is based on my computer screen and display options but I tried to make all the thumbnails as big as possible while still allowing all of them to fit on a single page.  When this page displays, try pushing the F11 key on your keyboard to eliminate the navigation window and toolbars at the top of the screen.  Again, I sized this based on my screen settings so the display may vary a bit on yours.  I like the look of all of the patches together in one interesting, colorful "brick".

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