To Catch A Thief

Year of release: 1955.
MPAA rating: not rated.
Run time: 97 minutes.

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      "A supposedly reformed cat burglar, out to prove himself innocent of a recent crime spree, tries to capture the thief who's terrifying the French Riviera.  Cary Grant is devastatingly elegant as the reformed thief, John Robie, and charming enough to attract the attention of the lovely Frances Stevens (Grace Kelly), a wealthy and spoiled American traveling the Riviera with her widowed mother (Jessie Royce Landis).

      However, things do not begin on a romantic note.  Robie is more interested in clearing his name than in pursuing the beautiful American, but the two will not go their separate ways so easily.  When Mrs. Stevens has her jewels stolen, the snubbed Frances puts the police on Robie's trail.

      Now the dashing Robie will have to win the confidence and assistance of Frances if he is to ever set things right.  The stars are radiant together, with an entrancing chemistry that sparkles, especially in the impromptu ad-libbed dialogue of the picnic scene.

      A series of elaborate set pieces combined with dramatic Riviera scenery make the film an enduring glamorous spectacle, featuring a fireworks kissing scene that is truly a classic."

      "To Catch A Thief" shows Cary Grant at his best.  He is suave, worldly, smart and tough.  Grace Kelly is stunningly beautiful and a cool, collected foil to Grant.  The exotic location and gorgeous exterior shots add to the movie's rich feel.  This is an elegant film in the most grand tradition of Hollywood.

Cary Grant - John Robie
Grace Kelly - Frances Stevens
Jessie Royce Landis - Mrs. Stevens
John Williams
Charles Vanel
Brigitte Auber
Jean Martinelli
Georgette Anys

Distributed by: Paramount Pictures
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Producer: Alfred Hitchcock
Screenwriter: John Michael Hayes
Art Director: Hal Pereira
Cinematographer: Robert Burks
Composer: Lyn Murray
Editor: George Tomasini
Production Designer: Joseph Macmillan Johnson

Academy Awards:
Best Color Cinematography - Robert Burks
Best Costume Design (nomination) - Edith Head

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