The Gods Must Be Crazy (1984)

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      "Three separate story lines set in Africa eventually come together in this 1980 film by Jamie Uys.  (The film wasn't released in the U.S., where it became a huge hit, until 1984.)  Story one involves a bushman whose discovery of a Coke bottle causes consternation among his tribe, story two concerns an awkward romance between a clumsy scientist and a sweet schoolteacher, and the third plot involves a group of terrorists on the run.  Slapstick, satire, romance, violence -- it's all here in a somewhat bumpy but entertaining movie."  -- Tom Keogh

      "This South African comedy flick was written, directed and produced by Jamie Uys.  The leader of a primitive and nomadic bush tribe watches the orderly ways of his people go astray when a magical object (an empty soft drink bottle) brings chaos, jealousy, and violence into their midst.  Walking to what he thinks is "the edge of the earth" to return the evil thing to the gods, the bushman encounters civilization.
      The slapstick comedy elements of the movie surface here in the love affair between a bumbling microbiologist and a big city schoolteacher, plus the confusions brought to the area by an inept guerilla leader and his silly band of revolutionaries.  The Gods Must Be Crazy is an international hit, but its appeal in America will be limited to slapstick lovers and individuals who like to sample exotic overseas film fare."  -- Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

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