By General Chuck Yeager (and Leo Janos)

      "General Chuck Yeager, the greatest test pilot fo them all -- the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound...  the World War II flying ace who shot down a Messerschmitt jet with a prop-driven P-51 Mustang...  the hero who defined a certain quality that all the hotshot fly-boys of the postwar era aimed to achieve: the right stuff.

      Now Chuck Yeager tells his whole incredible life story with the same 'wide-open, full throttle' approach that has marked his astonishing career.  What it was really like engaging in do-or-die dogfights over Nazi Europe.  How, after being shot down over occupied France, Yeager somehow managed to escape.  The amazing behind-the-scenes story of smashing the sound barrier despite cracked ribs from a riding accident days before.

      The entire story is here, in Yeager's own words, and in wonderful insights from his wife and those friends and colleagues who have known him best.  It is the personal and public story of a man who settled for nothing less than excellence, a one-of-a-kind portrait of a true American hero."

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