Robinson Crusoe
By Daniel DeFoe

      "A storm at sea... a doomed ship... a sole survivor... here is Daniel DeFoe's immortal tale of a young merchant seaman cast ashore on an uninhabited tropical island, destined to spend twenty-four years in isolated loneliness.  But more than a story of man against nature, Robinson Crusoe is a penetrating study of a universal problem -- man against himself.  In this great work DeFoe introduces us to an immature Crusoe, floundering as aimlessly through life as he later is to flounder helplessly in the grip of a savage sea.  We share his struggle for survival; feel his despondence at hearing no human sound but the echo of his despairing prayers; suffer his hostility toward a God he feels has unjustly forsaken him.  And at the end of his long ordeal we witness a rebirth: We see a mature Robinson Crusoe who has doggedly conquered his environment and rekindled his faith in his Saviour... a Robinson Crusoe who has finally mastered himself."

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