Reading List 2008

  • Sea Of Glory (Nathaniel Philbrick)
  • The Divide (Nicholas Evans)
  • The Total Money Makeover (Dave Ramsey)
  • Culture Warrior (Bill O'Reilly)
  • Nick Of Time (Ted Bell)
  • Planetwalker (John Francis)
  • The Phony Marine (Jim Lehrer)
  • The Jigsaw Puzzle; Piecing Together A History (Anne Williams)
  • Gentlemen's Blood; A History Of Duelling (Barbara Holland)
  • The Exceptional Presenter (Timothy Koegel)
  • The Lucky One (Nicholas Sparks)
  • Leadership Lessons Of The Navy SEALs (Jeff Cannon & Jon Cannon)
  • The Franklin Affair (Jim Lehrer)
  • The Christmas Sweater (Glenn Beck)
  • No Certain Rest (Jim Lehrer)

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