The Devil's Teeth
By Susan Casey

      Since Jaws scared a nation of moviegoers out of the water three decades ago, great white sharks have attained a mythic status as the most frightening and mysterious monsters to still live among us.  Each fall, just twenty-seven miles off the San Francisco coast, in the waters surrounding a desolate rocky island chain, the world’s largest congregation of these fearsome predators gathers to feed.
      Journalist Susan Casey first saw the great whites of the Farallones in a television documentary.  Within months, she was sitting with two shark scientists in a small motorboat as the sharks – some as long as twenty feet, as wide as a semitrailer – circled around them.  From this first encounter, Casey became obsessed with these awe-inspiring creatures, and a plan was hatched for her to join the scientists and follow their research.  The Devil’s Teeth is the riveting account of that one fateful shark season.

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