Circle Art

      My brother, Chris , created a computer program that makes interesting patterns using circles.  The program draws a circle made of other circles (imagine standing poker chips on their edge and arranging them in a circle) and then allows you to change many of the parameters of the design.  You can change aspects of the small circles and of the larger, overall circle that they create.  The program allows you to adjust parameters of the circles such as the radius, the density, and the start and end points (from 0 to 360 degrees).  You can also adjust the perspective, or angle, at which you view the circles.

      The program is interesting and fun to experiment with and allows you to create some truly fascinating images.  Lately, Chris and I have experimented with creating series of images of the circles as we vary their design parameters and then creating animations of these images.  Below are some of the animations I've created so far.  I hope you enjoy them!

Click on any of the images below to run the animations!

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