S   C   R   A   P   S

An assortment of interesting items...

A collection of puzzles and games.        My favorite movies, books and music.        My collection of law enforcement and military patches.        My favorite sports cars; I call this section 'What would be in my garage if money was no object'.

Commentary about Phi, also known as the Golden Ratio or the Divine Proportion, and its relation to the Fibonacci Sequence.        An assortment of interesting images that can be used as background tiles.  They are made by flipping an initial image both horizontally and vertcially.        A little bit about my partner in creative crime: my brother, Chris.        Animations made from art created by continuously altering the parameters of a circle.        Mike, Shawn, and I with a pair of Ford Mustangs.

Interesting references to wood or woodworking that I have found in music and literature.        Experiments with a 3D effect I noticed on the computer screen when using certain color arrangments.        This page tests whether a group of animations that are set to run at certain intervals will stay in sync with each other.        Photos of Uncle Reese's truck which is decorated... uh, well... unusually.

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