Animation Synchronicity Test

      The following 5 animations contain various ranges of numbers from 1 to 20.  Each animation contains a different number of slides and each is set to change slides at a different time interval.  This test is to determine the accuracy of the timing of each animation and to verify the synchronicity of the slides.

      The animations are designed as follows:

            A: 10 slides @ 2 seconds per slide.

            B: 10 slides @ 3 seconds per slide.

            C: 4 slides @ 5 seconds per slide.

            D: 5 slides @ 3 seconds per slide.

            E: 20 slides @ 1 second per slide.

      All 5 animations should be in sync at their starting frames every 60 seconds.  I know this works mathematically, but I want to see if the computer (and, specifically, the animation files) are in sync enough to make it work correctly.  So, get your timer ready and watch the animations below!  (Hint: click Refresh to restart this page and make the animations restart at 1).

Animation A
This animation has 10 slides at 2 seconds per slide.
10 slides
@ 2 sec.s
Animation B
This animation has 10 slides at 3 seconds per slide.
10 slides
@ 3 sec.s
Animation C
This animation has 4 slides at 5 seconds per slide.
4 slides
@ 5 sec.s
Animation D
This animation has 5 slides at 3 seconds per slide.
5 slides
@ 3 sec.s
Animation E
This animation has 20 slides at 1 second per slide.
20 slides
@ 1 sec
      In addition to the animations being in sync every 60 seconds, there are other time intervals at which two or more of the five animations are in sync.  Obviously, yuo can predict that simply by multiplying the number of slides by the time interval for each animation and then seeing what correlations occur.  But it's more fun to do it this way and watch the numbers line up (like a slot machine).  Watch for the following combinations of number slides at the intervals listed below:

      At 20 seconds:

      At 30 seconds:

      At 40 seconds:

      And, of course,
      at 60 seconds:

      So, what was the point of all this, you ask?  Okay, first of all, there doesn't have to a point to everything now does there??  But anyway, I did this experiment while I was designing the animations for my Home Page.  I didn't want the images changing too quickly (too annoying) or all at the exact same time (too boring). And I didn't want any of the animations to have exactly the same intervals as either of the ones next to it.  But I did want to know whether or not all of the first images of the animations would line up again at regular intervals.  I'm not sure why I cared about that; it was probably just my ridiculously over-organized (obsessive-compulsive?) side showing itself.  Whatever the reason, I believed that this would make the Home Page look more interesting and professional.

      So, this was an interesting test to check on the synchronicity of these animations.  And, now that you've seen this page, you can now go back and look at the animations on my Home Page and see that they run at similar intervals to these test animations.  And so, just like these, my Home Page animations are all in sync, with their first images showing every 60 seconds.  I hope you found this interesting or, at least, a little amusing.

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