Panoramic Shots

      These panoramic photos were created by joining together series of overlapping photos that I've taken.  Sometimes a scene is too interesting to be captured completely by a single photo (even with a wide-angle lens).  So I began taking groups of photos that could be overlapped and put together later to show more fully how breathtaking a scene could be.  My brother, Chris, does the actual work of joining the photos together.

      Each of the thumbnails below will lead to two larger photos.  The first will be larger than the thumbnail but should still, in most cases, fit within the width of your screen.  Then, if you click on THAT photo, it will take you to the next larger photo.  This one will be nearly full-screen in height and will require you to scroll left and right to view it entirely.  Some of these larger photos are rather large files and so they may take a minute or so to download (that process begins when you click on the thumbnails below).  But please be patient because it is while viewing these larger-format creations -- that you cannot view all at once -- that will feel the fullest effect of these panoramas.  Scrolling left to right and back again can give you the feeling of actually being at that place and having to turn your head from side to side to take in the breadth of the scenery around you.

      I hope you enjoy these creations.  They are listed in no particular order and some of the best ones may be near the bottom of the list.  (So be sure to scroll down and check out the entire page!)

The Colorado River, taken from Willow Beach, Arizona:

Dumont Dunes, California:

Catalina Mountains, Tucson, Arizona:

Red Rock Canyon, outside Las Vegas, Nevada:

Death Valley National Park in California:

A 180-degree view from the middle of Lake Mead, Nevada:

Near the west entrance to Valley Of Fire State Park, Nevada:

A 360-degree view from a rocky shoreline in Maui, Hawaii, at the site of my sister's wedding:

Looking east from the top of Half Dome, in Yosemite National Park, California:

A 360-degree view from the top of Half Dome, in Yosemite National Park, California:

Mono Lake, California:

The Grand Tetons in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming:

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming:

A 360-degree view from the top of a hill in Las Pulgas, on MCB Camp Pendleton, California:

Nearly a 180-degree pan of Lone Pine Lake on the trail to the Mt. Whitney Summit in California:

Joshua Tree National Park, California:

A 180-degree pan from Sausalito, California:

Two views of the San Francisco skyline taken from Alcatraz Island, California:

The mountains around Sedona, AZ:

Seattle, Washington:

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