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      This is a bend in the Colorado River.  I took the component photos from Willow Beach, approximately 11 miles downriver from Hoover Dam.

     My brother, Chris, assembled this panoramic view from several photos I had taken.  I had the eventual panoramic shot in mind when I took these ten individual shots and I tried to overlap them well -- just enough, but not too much.  These shots were taken with my Canon 35mm SLR.  I used a tripod and also tilted the camera 90 degrees so that each shot would be in vertical or "portrait" format.  That gave us more height to work with when cropping and a better overall ratio of width to height in the final assembled shot.  (The final ratio of width to height is almost exactly 6 to 1.)

     I have displayed the photo here in a size that should allow most of you to view the entire image without scrolling too much left or right.  The image displayed above is itself actually just another thumbnail.  Click on that image to view it in even larger form (be prepared to scroll...).

     I enjoy trying to take a series of photos when I'm in a beautiful outdoor setting like this and then putting them together (or asking my brother to do it...) into a panoramic shot like this one.  I know this photo is not perfect and it is still possible to tell where the individual photos connect, but to me that also seems to be part of the charm of viewing this panoramic shot.  It is just my humble attempt to show you what a magnificent scene I was witness to.  I hope you enjoy it.

     (June 2004)

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