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    These songs are intended only for recreational or educational purposes and absolutely NOT for commercial purposes.  I hope you find the collection helpful and interesting.

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  • Fleetwood Mac
               "Go Your Own Way" (page 1)

  • Foster and Lloyd
               "Texas In 1880" (page 1)   (page 2)

  • Foster, Radney
               "If It Were Me" (page 1)   (page 2)
               "Labor Of Love" (page 1)   (page 2)
               "Never Say Die" (page 1)
               "Nobody Wins" (page 1)   (page 2)
               "Precious Pearl" (page 1)   (page 2)

  • Fowler, Kevin
               "The Best Mistake I Ever Made" (page 1)   (page 2)

  • Fricke, Janie
               "It Ain't Easy (Being Easy)" (page 1)
               "Your Heart's Not In It" (page 1)

  • Fritsch, Todd
               "Texas Talkin'" (page 1)   (page 2)

  • Frizzell, David (& Shelley West)
               "You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma" (page 1)   (page 2)

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