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      I am an amateur guitar player and have been playing (seriously) since 1998.  I took lessons as a child but was not a very diligent student.  I always regretted not having learned to play since I love music so much.  Eventually, in early 1998, I bought a guitar and signed up for some lessons.  Since then, playing the guitar has become one of my favorite and most enjoyable hobbies.  I love to get together with friends and/or family and sit around playing guitar and singing songs we all love.

      Over the years I have collected hundreds of pages of guitar music.  Some of these I have purchased in music stores, some have been copied from any of several websites, and some I have simply typed myself once I figured out how to play a certain song.  Often someone would ask me if I knew a certain song and it became just too time-consuming to look through literally hundreds of pages of songs looking for just one.  So I began putting these songs alphabetically into binders in order to make it easier to find a particular song.

      Also, many of the songs that I printed off of the internet were surprisingly incorrect.  The lyrics were frequently not even close to what they should have been.  Chords were often wrong or missing or in the wrong place.  I began retyping these songs myself before adding them to my binders.  This also allowed me to enlarge the type so that it would be easier to read while playing.  I was able to fit most songs on to one or two pages which was also a huge help.  Store-bought sheet music was often difficult to play from because it was several pages long.  Now maybe it's just me, but I find that it's very tough to play the guitar and turn pages at the same time.

      As I met other guitar players and traded more music with them, I eventually decided to add the songs from my music binders to my website.  I hope that this will make it easier to share these songs with other guitar players or anyone else interested in playing or singing these songs.

      Please forgive any "typos" or mistakes that you may find.  Or, better yet, feel free to e-mail me and let me know about them.  Also, I hope you can figure out some of my abbreviations for the chords or strumming patterns in any of these songs.  (For example, if the first half of a measure should be a "C" chord and the second half should be a "D" chord, I usually write "C/D".)

      I hope you find this collection of songs helpful and interesting.  Enjoy!

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