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      The links below will take you to the most recent additions to my website.  I hope you enjoy them.  Thanks for stopping by!
[Updated: March 2008]
  • Circle Art
          Examples of art created by changing the parameters of a circle comprised of smaller circles.  This is all based upon a computer program designed by my brother, Chris.

  • Background Art
          Examples of art created by mirroring and then flipping an image to create an endless pattern of the original image.

  • Planer Cabinet
          A description of my latest woodworking project: a cabinet for my woodshop which I'll use to store my wood planer and accessories.  The cabinet is decorated with an aviation theme.

  • Stereo "3-D" Photography
          Explanation and examples of stereo "3-D" photography.  Check it out!

  • Algebra / Grouping Problems
          Explanation of a game involving the Order of Operations and grouping terms in algebra equations.

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